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Founding Principles

At the heart of Bearizona’s mission and vision are the founding principles:

Connecting visitors to animals and the land they inhabit. Recent research indicates that a connection to nature is necessary for healthy development of children and adults. The drive-through stage of a Bearizona adventure allows visitors to witness natural animal behaviors of packs and herds. Depending on the season, these may include births, courtship, mating, marking or socializing. Our educational center and neonatal viewing will provide hands-on activities and personalized interactions coordinated by animal keeping staff.

“In the end we will conserve only what we love. We will love only what we understand. We will understand only what we are taught.”

-Baba Dioum, Senegalese Environmentalist

Serving the wildlife in our care, our visitors that choose to spend their hard earned dollars with us, and the community in which we reside. Our staff serve animal residents with exceptional care through husbandry and enrichment. We work with local veterinarians for preventive and acute care. We strive to provide all visitors to our park with exceptional customer service, and a genuinely enjoyable trip. Bearizona will serve the greater Williams community on the premises by offering discounted admission for local school groups. Additionally, we choose to support area programs and organizations that benefit children and families in the Williams area, and surrounding communities with both in-kind and cash donations.

Conserving & Preserving natural resources, that include: soil, water, wildlife, and energy, in our own practices and through visitor education. Bearizona plans to build “green” utilizing rainwater collectors and storage facilities, solar energy, geothermal heating and cooling and composting. Our landscaping plans include xeriscaping using primarily native vegetation. When proper legal channels are pursued in accordance to state and federal wildlife agencies, Bearizona may provide sanctuary for orphaned wild born animals, or confiscated captive wildlife. The health, safety and welfare of existing animal residents and our staff must be considered and given priority over the health and well-being of an animal in hardship. Lastly, Bearizona chooses to support and collaborate on non-invasive scientific studies that benefit conservation and preservation wildlife.

Photo Courtesy of Mike Jones